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  •  25 Nov 2010 12:35

Release Notes: A bug in mkisofs for sorting files larger than 4GB was fixed. Mkisofs now prints some better warnings for incorrect usage with El-Torito boot files. Mkisofs now supports sub-second time stamp granularity with Rock Ridge and the option "-long-rr-time". Isoinfo now includes libfind and allows you to use the find(1) CLI for listing the content of a ISO-9660 image. Cdrecord now uses the correct byte order with BIN/CUE RAW audio data. libschily::printf() now supports long double floatingpint numbers.

  •  11 Jan 2010 15:23

Release Notes: Better error messages are used in the cdrecord CUE sheet parser. The format of the *.inf files is now documented. Several CD-Text tags have been added to cdda2wav and cdrecord. Cdda2wav now understands -tall to extract all audio tracks into one output file. Cdda2wav now writes a binary *.cdtext file to allow you to do things like copy Japanese CD-Text. The new options -no-textfile and -no-textdefaults have been added to cdda2wav. Cdda2wav no longer dumpes core in -interactive mode with CD-Extra disks (as called from GSTreamer).


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