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  •  13 Aug 2009 08:53

    Release Notes: A new libmdigest library was included. Cdda2wav was converted to use libmdigest. An endless loop in cdda2wav while parsing rotten CD+ extensions is avoided. A problem in readcd's man page that was a result of nroff's inability to correctly deal with characters beyond ASCII was fixed.

    •  30 Jul 2009 13:14

    Release Notes: Haiku compilation support was improved. Compilation support for Cygwin on Vista (64-bit) was added. A big code clean up was done in the portability include files include/schily/*.h. Cdrtools now includes a workaround for a resource leak with SCSI bus numbers in the Linux kernel.

    •  06 Jul 2009 15:27

      Release Notes: Support for 64-bit compilation on Mac OS X was added. Some workarounds were added to cdda2wav for Solaris USB driver bugs. The mkisofs manual now prints correctly with GNU troff. Isoinfo now allows automated processing of the output even if the time stamps on the medium contain illegal months.

      •  21 May 2009 18:40

        Release Notes: This release adds a workaround against Linux distributions that cause incorrect autoconf results for fexecl() and similar functions. It fixes some small bugs that prevented compilation on BeOS. Cdrecord now suppresses errors when a drive does not support the SCSI command read format capacities. Mkisofs now correctly handles the errctl=WARN feature.

        Release Notes: A workaround for a firmware bug with DVD+R media in the HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH22NP20 1.02 drive was added. cddawav now supports "host" byte order with -output-endianess. Some copyright messages that no longer apply were removed. -D_GNU_SOURCE was added to the standard include flags for Linux in order to un-hide needed extensions. A new autoconf test that checks for the differences between the original iconv() implementation from Sun and the deviating POSIX standard was added.

        Release Notes: Support for Syllable OS was added. Support for Haiku (BeOS clone) was added. Cdda2wav now correctly behaves with -no-infofile and md5sums. Mkisofs now correctly handles symlink target names with Rock Ridge.

        Release Notes: The ATARI ST (FreeMiNT) support is now complete. Do not install by overwriting /etc/default/cdrecord in case an earlier file exists. Cdda2wav now correctly deals with longer CD-Text information. Cdda2wav now correctly works in 64 bit mode.

        •  22 Jan 2009 12:47

        Release Notes: Fewer compilation warnings are shown with GCC, HP-UX cc, and Mac OS X cc. cdrecord now has a workaround for a TSST DVD+RW firmware bug. A bug in cdrecord introduced wifh DVD multi-border 18 months ago that prevented CD multi session in SAO mode was fixed. Readcd no longer dumps core when the target FS is full. Mkisofs now fully supports the "ST" Rock Ridge signature. A workaround has been added for a bug in gmake < 3.81.

        Release Notes: This release makes Linux installation more safe: install scripts have been enhanced to make sure that cdrecord will be installed suid root if "make install" is called by root, but cdrecord is not installed suid in case "make install" is not called by root. The new makefile variable INS_RBASE controls the install location of files like /etc/default/cdrecord, while other files may be installed into /opt/schily.

        Release Notes: The Atari MiNT enhancements are ready (except for the libscg code for ATARI). This release can create and link shared cdrtools-libs on Linux. A workround for a nasty gcc warning about sccsid has been introduced. Libfind now correctly deals with ARG_MAX in case libfind bitsize differs from the called program with -exec +. The RSCSI bus numer limit has been raised to 1024 to allow the new Linux ATA mapping. Many new workarounds for drive firmware bugs have been added to cdrecord. The cdrecord default transfer size is again 63k because of Linux and Solaris kernel bugs.


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