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Release Notes: The new library libsiconv replaces libunls, and mkisofs now supports iconv() based locale translations. Mkisofs enhances the UDF support (symlinks, UID/GID/permissions, and MAC enhancements have been added) by using code from READMEs are now installed with "make install". Support has been added for creating Blastwave SVr4 packages.

Release Notes: Several enhancements to the makefile system have been made. mkisofs -J no longer implies -l (as before the new option parser was added). This release lets cdrecord check the available transfer size for more SCSI commands.

Release Notes: A typo in paranoia_init() that could cause a core dump with cdda2wav was fixed. A bug was fixed in libfind that could cause endless recursion on systems without user "nobody". An attempted workaround was made for a Pioneer firmware bug that may cause DVDs to be written at the lowest speed. Silent SCSI mode is switched off after a SCSI target autodetect (no dev= parameter) has been done. A former timezone bug in mkisofs has been fixed.

Release Notes: Libfind is now close to the final state. Libfind has been restructured to allow it to be used as a builtin function inside shells like "bsh" and "ksh93", supporting I/O redirection and shell builtin signal handling. Libfind no longer leaks memory if called with a commandline with syntax errors. The scg_numbus() function for FreeBSD was corrected to make cdrtools work again. A bug that caused cdda2wav to hang when retrieving the CDDB information was fixed.

Release Notes: Major restructuring was done. Shared library support was added for Mac OS X. /usr/src/linux is excluded if the include files of the Linux kernel are broken. Mkisofs now implements the -stream-file-name option.

Release Notes: The CUE sheet parser was enhanced so that it now allows you to have multiple FILE statements and pregap size statements and to write CUE sheet based CDs in RAW mode. A workaround and a kernel patch were added for the Linux USB DMA size problem.

Release Notes: Linux distributions that do not provide a "HZ" macro in include/sys/param.h are now dealt with. Automatic ATA was disabled on pre-Linux-2.6 systems. The new cdrecord option -minfo is now almost complete. cdrecord -msinfo now prints the right values for "multi-session" (multi-border) DVD-R and DVD+R. cdrecord -atip output for DVD media was enhanced and updated for DVD+R/DL and HD-DVD. New mkisofs options -posix-H, -posix-L, and -posix-P implement the -H, -L, and -P options defined by POSIX.1-2001. The short inline help for mkisofs now prints a short overview of the most important options in 80x24 characters.

Release Notes: In cdrecord, DVD enhanced rzone information is printed, and the -minfo/-media-info option was added to print media information and status. Libscg now tries to work around a Linux design bug that prevented cdrecord -scanbus on Linux-2.6. A new interface in libscg reports the maximum SCSI bus number. In mkisofs, old bugs were fixed, graft-point support was improved, and support for overapping/cumulating directories was improved.

Release Notes: All tools (cdrecord/readcd/cdda2wav) now allow you to omit the dev= option in the case where only one CD/DVD writer is on the system and the system is running a user-friendly OS. Cdrecord now mostly defaults to -sao, which finally allows the simple command "cdrecord image.iso" for CD and DVD media. Mkisofs now always hides the RR_MOVED directory from the Rick Ridge directory tree.

Release Notes: mkisofs -T and mkisofs -b boot_file now work correctly. Deep directory abortion now happens from the right place. Mkisofs will now correctly ignore deep directory nesting in no Rock Ridge mode with mkisofs -find. mkisofs -find dir will now correctly deal with Rock Ridge deep directory relocation. Symlinks now work in mkisofs -find mode too. Graft dirs now work even if they cause Rock Ridge deep directory relocation. Cdda2wav now also implements a ts= option to help work around a Linux USB showstopper bug. Cdrecord's DVD/DL manual layer break code now deals with GCC better.


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