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  •  10 Mar 2011 22:10

    Release Notes: This release will try to use the actual sense count instead of a standard value for REQUEST SENSE on newer FreeBSD versions. It will try to restore the SCSI status byte and the command error after doing a manual REQUEST SENSE for failed commands on AIX, UnixWare, Apollo Domain, and for Linux Parallel Port SCSI. Cdrecord now warns when someone tries to write more CD-Text than possible for a single language. Several typos have been fixed in the cdda2wav man page. Some forgotten options have been added to the mkisofs man page.

    •  21 Dec 2010 15:14

    Release Notes: This is the first step for integrating Native Language Support into cdrtools. All tools have been enhanced to call gettext().

    •  25 Nov 2010 12:35

    Release Notes: A bug in mkisofs for sorting files larger than 4GB was fixed. Mkisofs now prints some better warnings for incorrect usage with El-Torito boot files. Mkisofs now supports sub-second time stamp granularity with Rock Ridge and the option "-long-rr-time". Isoinfo now includes libfind and allows you to use the find(1) CLI for listing the content of a ISO-9660 image. Cdrecord now uses the correct byte order with BIN/CUE RAW audio data. libschily::printf() now supports long double floatingpint numbers.

    •  02 Jun 2010 11:00

    Release Notes: More than half of the current code is new compared to the last stable 2.01 version. BluRay support was added. The DVD code has been OSS since May 2006. DVD Double Layer support was added. DVD-multi-border support was added. Support for reading and writing hidden audio tracks was added. Cdrecord supports non-standard CUE Files from ExactAudioCopy. SCSI auto-target mode allows operation without dev=. Mkisofs now supports find(1)-like command lines, includes better UDF support, and allows for files up to 8 TB. Readcd allows enhanced CD/DVD quality checks. Support for several new operating systems was added.

    •  17 May 2010 23:02

    Release Notes: Maiden BD-RE media is now autoformatted before it is written to. With DVD+RW formatting and cdrecord -v, progress information is printed. Many small improvements have been made to the makefile system. This release will become cdrtools-3.0-final if no bugs are found.

    •  27 Apr 2010 21:46

    Release Notes: Many new features have been added to libfind. Mkisofs now gives several better hints on which options to use in order to avoid program aborts that are caused by specifics of the archived data. Mkisofs now implements -data-change-warn in order not to abort when files change their size during archival.

    •  01 Mar 2010 16:50

    Release Notes: Small bugs were fixed. cdrecord no longer tries to close a session with BD-RE (BluRay). cdrecord now correctly computes pregap sizes with Exact Audio Copy enhanced CUE sheets.

    Release Notes: This release adds a workaround for a firmware bug in the drive: 'HL-DT-ST' 'BD-RE BH10LS30 ' '1.00' that causes the drive to return zero media size for BluRay media. There are many CUE parser enhancements (e.g. support for Exact Audio Copy variants). Enhanced cdda2ogg and cdda2mp3.

    Release Notes: Support for hidden audio tracks in CDs is now complete. Hidden audio tracks now are also supported with the Matsushita 7501, older Sony drives, and in RAW mode. There is also hidden audio Track support for CDRWIN CUE sheet-based writing.

    •  01 Feb 2010 01:37

    Release Notes: Cdrecord has support for writing a hidden audio track before track #1.


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