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Release Notes: This release features automatic fallback to GCC in makefile system, better support for SCO OpenServer 5.0.x, cdda2wav now accessing the freedb CD database, and readcd with enhanced C2 output. There is also a mkisofs Apple HFS bugfix and better ANSI compilation performance.

Release Notes: Many improovements, more platforms (e.g., AmigaOS), and a new Perl script to create synthetic a CD-Text together with cdda2wav & cdrecord.

Release Notes: UDF support was added. Now libschily is completely part of cdrtools, and cdda2wav now supports extracting 'illegal CDs' (i.e. disks that look like a CD but have a rotten table of content).

Release Notes: The "Slottable Source Plugin Module" system (SSPM) is introduced with this release. Read README.SSPM for more information. A bug with the new floating point code that caused the fallback code to be used even on Linux has been fixed.

Release Notes: This release compiles on QNX Neutrino. An autoconf test for rcmd() has been added for BeOS and AmigaOS. A bug that prevented use of non-MMC CD writers since better DVD support had been added has been fixed.

Release Notes: The new SCSI transport in Apple MacOS X-10.1 is now supported. A new, more portable Makefile system was implemented.

Release Notes: Better error messages are now displayed when the SCSI driver cannot be opened on Linux. CD-Text now also works on DOS/Win32. Media recognition (CD vs. DVD) for was implemented for Pioneer A03. Support for True64 was improved.

Release Notes: Support for Caldera OpenUNIX was added. Another workaround was made for a Linux kernel bug in sg.c that does not report error codes correctly. Cdrecord no longer opens/closes the tray if the CD is going to be erased.

Release Notes: Addition of forgotten printf.c changes that allow compilation on Linux using GCC-3.0, and a driver entry for thr Taiyo Yuden EW-50 because it has been reported that this drives needs swapped audio data.

  •  28 Jun 2001 23:08

Release Notes: A workaround was added for a /usr/include/ bug under Linux with GCC-3.0. readcd's handling of C2 scans of unreadable data CDs was improved. scgcheck now links on FreeBSD.


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