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  •  13 May 2005 11:16

Release Notes: This release includes a fix for a potential local root exploit in cdrdao, as well as a number of interesting new features, such as MP3 and OGG support in both cdrdao and GCDMaster, as well as improved CUE support. GCDMaster was upgraded to the gtkmm 2.4 API, and comes with many bugfixes.

  •  07 Jun 2004 03:21

Release Notes: This release features bug and compilation fixes, an upgrade to a newer scsilib library (from cdrtools 2.01a31), as well as some new cdrdao options and features (MMC driver auto-detection, discid command, the --full-burn option). Future releases of gcdmaster will be based on gtkmm 2.4 rather than gtkmm 2.2.


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