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14 Mar 2001 10:04 tobtoh

Quirky, but good
Despite the authors fondness for quirky button labels and error messages, CDR-Toaster is a good (and small!!) GUI frontend. I found the GUI layout to be a bit confusing at first, but after playing with it a bit, it was quite usable. But the most important question is whether it does it's intended job - to this, I can say a definite yes!

07 Sep 1999 19:01 pstrader

cdrtoaster DL
Hi; It's an http link, not ftp. The file is 'cdrtoaster' (26k) and it's there.
Hope this helps,
Peace, Pete

07 Sep 1999 10:50 ecor1

CDRtoaster 1.02
Welp, 1.02 is not availible from that link, and I even checked their webpage which provides the same ftp link. For some reason v 1.02 is not availible anywhere..

Any Ideas?


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