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  •  28 Feb 2009 08:08

Release Notes: This release fixed a bug in the install wizard. Installing to the Windows C: drive works again. It is now possible to boot the ISO image directly and install without burning a CD. A bug in rc.swap that caused CDlinux to fail to set up pagefile.sys as swap on some VFAT partitions wa s fixed. A bug in the cups package was fixed, and printing now works again. Wine was downgraded to 1.0.1. qt-x11-opensource 4.4.3, Opera 10.00.4102, smplayer 0.6.6, gmlive 0.21.2, xfburn 0.4.1, and gparted 0.4.3 were included.

  •  30 Jul 2007 14:09

Release Notes: This release adds support/auto-detection for more hardware. It fixes a bug in hd/sd auto-detection, a bug in pcmciautils udev rules, and a bug in the dhcpcd init script. Many packages were upgraded.


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