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20 Nov 2011 22:46 jqball2u

Hmmm...I now see a comment left over a year ago with no reply? NOT so good....

20 Nov 2011 22:44 jqball2u

I downloaded CDLinux from a few days ago and I am evaluating it via VMware Workstation. I've been looking through the main menu and see no program or utility to install new programs? I especially need to be able to install web extensions for firefox (like flash). Thanks! ;)

22 May 2010 16:14 patrick013


I'm trying to use the CDLinux standard iso. Is there an install program available to install other packages than .tgz ?
I messed one install up by deleting the desktop icon, am having trouble finding alot of .tgz files, and really don't know
how to install others or make a .md file. Any support help would be useful.




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