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  •  23 Jun 2006 18:30

Release Notes: All packages have been reworked and rebuilt inside a new, private build environment. Debian and Slackware installation packages can now be built (this is experimental and untested). This release adds packages for Insight Debugger, The Procyon AVRlib, The AVR HALlib, and The Atmel AVR Programmer Tools. Geany now comes with some AVR-related default values.

  •  12 Sep 2003 23:17

Release Notes: This release includes GENtoHEX 0.2, HEXtoGEN 0.1, HexModify 1.0, AVRprog 0.2, and SP12 2.0.7. The simulavr-ddd 1.0 package was added, which describes how to use the AVR GDB with Simulavr and DDD as a front-end.

  •  08 Sep 2003 01:36

Release Notes: Almost all packages were upgraded to their latest stable release or CVS snapshots. This included avarice 2.0.20030825 (CVS), avrdude 4.2.0, avrlibc (CVS), binutils 2.14, cisp 1.0.3, gcc 3.3.1, gdb 5.3, gdb 6.0.20030904 (CVS), simulavr (CVS), tavrasm 1.19, tools 3.1 (including srecord 1.16, Hex2bin 1.0.2, and jtag 0.5), and uisp 20030827 (CVS).

  •  25 Jan 2003 22:17

Release Notes: This version upgrades to cdk-avr-binutils-030113-20030120, cdk-avr-gcc-20030113-20030120, cdk-avr-libc-20030114cvs-20030120, cdk-avr-tools-1.1-20030126 (srecord-1.12), and cdk-avr-uisp-20021201-20030126


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