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  •  06 Feb 2014 21:19

Release Notes: This release includes many new apt-types, supports backup source definition with ccollect, and cleans up default parameter handling.

  •  20 Jan 2014 03:25

Release Notes: This release adds the types __mount and __block, includes bugfixes for __cron and __ssh_authorized_keys, and documents all messages sent by types.

  •  03 Oct 2013 07:51

Release Notes: Many new types (postfix*), a dry run option, and bugfixes for types __line and __ssh_authorized_keys.

  •  05 Sep 2013 20:31

Release Notes: This release includes several core code cleanups as well as some feature enhancements to existing types.

Release Notes: This release adds fixes for types __apt_ppa, __start_on_boot, __git, __postgres_database, __postgres_role, __process, and __cron. The new types __update_alternatives and __cdist have been added. This release begins to use a Makefile for building.

  •  03 Nov 2012 07:19

Release Notes: The __object_name variable is now available in type explorers. New types were introduced: __qemu_img, __line, __pf_apply, and __pf_ruleset. The __rvm type now works if rvm is already installed.

Release Notes: This release cleaned up the documentation by displaying the environment variable list properly and including some minor corrections. New __package_opkg, __package_pkg_freebsd, and __mysql_database types were added. Support for OpenWRT and Amazon Linux was added. A new example showing how to use rsync to backup files was added. The core now exists with a non-zero status if configuration failed. The documentation now describes how to do templating.

  •  14 Feb 2012 11:25

Release Notes: In __file, chmod is now used after chown/chgrp. In __user, the shadow field in the explorer was corrected and a problem with changing a user's group by name was fixed. In __link, existing links are now handled properly. __key_value now has a more robust implementation. A new __package_pip type was added. Object IDs can now start and end with /, but not contain //.

  •  29 Jan 2012 02:38

Release Notes: This release fixes __apt_ppa (to also remove the [ppa-name].list file, if empty) and __group (it referenced the wrong variable name), adds initial support for virtual packages to __package_apt and a new dependency resolver to Core, supports Amazon Linux in Explorer and __package_yum, and adds the new Types __rvm, __rvm_gem, __rvm_gemset, and __rvm_ruby.

  •  18 Jan 2012 22:31

Release Notes: This release uses correct delimiters for __key_value, explicitly requires Python >= 3.2 (and does not fail implicitly), rewrites the tutorial, makes __addifnosuchline match on regular expressions, adds a --state parameter to __directory, __file, and __link, and adds the new types __package_luarocks and __cdistmarker.


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Utilities for devices using SCSI command sets.


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A C++ wrapper around the OpenGL C API.