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Version 2.0.10 of cdist

Release Notes: This release added support for FreeBSD Jails and enhanced the __file type to accept the new "--state exists" option. Various bugs in types were fixed. The __rvm types now expect --state present/absent instead of the deprecated "installed". The core now exposes the __manifest variable and has an improved dependency resolver.

    Other releases

    Release Notes: This release documents missing environment variables, adds a type to manage Sheepdog images (__dog_vdi), includes a rewrite of the __key_value type, and enhances the __qemu_img type.

    •  19 Mar 2014 19:18

    Release Notes: This release introduces the __rbenv type. The type __ssh_authorized_keys now also manages the existing ssh keys. Overall OpenBSD support has been improved.

    •  14 Feb 2014 20:24

    Release Notes: The generated PreOS is now cleaned of archives. The 4.0 branch was merged with 3.0.9.

    Release Notes: This release includes cleanups of parameter handling for many types, improves unit testing on Mac OS X, and fixes a bug when using override and order dependency at the same time.

    •  11 Feb 2014 22:13

    Release Notes: This release introduces unit tests for dry run and the dependency builder, and enhances verification of the object id.


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    Project Spotlight


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