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The CDDB/CDDB_get Perl module gets the CDDB info for an audio CD. The included script was intended as a demo for CDDB_get, but over time it has gained powerful features like the ability to write to a database, offline mode, HTTP mode (including proxy), saving in standard XMCD format, and writing 'lame' commands.

Operating Systems

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  •  01 Jan 2006 12:43

Release Notes: This release fixes an ioctl Perl problem on current Red Hat/Fedora (and possibly other systems). The default port is now 8880 (not 888). Support has been added for PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Sqlite (untested).

  •  15 Jun 2005 11:44

Release Notes: user:pass with proxy support (untested). The cache module uses CDDB_cache instead of CDDB_get. All files are saved in a local tree and can be reused from there.

  •  14 Sep 2003 20:43

Release Notes: 64bit updates: for now just for *BSD. Tested on OpenBSD. Minor POD fixes.

  •  17 Aug 2003 08:32

Release Notes: This release adds CDDB protocol 5 handling, which is now the default. You can set $PROTO_VERSION to an older version if you like. Protocol 5 provides Year and Genre fields.

  •  04 May 2003 17:19

Release Notes: Direct device handling has been added to (-c /dev/xxx option). There is a firewall fix with an additional "\n" (-F option).

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21 Apr 2008 21:02 mtdewcmu

Where's the Documentation?
I can't find any documentation for the script. --help lists the options, but doesn't say what they do.


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