Version 3.4.0 of Connect Daily Web Calendar

Release Notes: This release adds an audit trail to track system changes. It adds RSS import. Imports can now be marked as recurring for periodic automatic re-import. Import screens support an undo function. A container-level authentication provider has been added, including support for Windows integrated security. The planner view now supports variable period display. There are multiple other improvements in the import function. There are some 18 or so minor bugfixes.

Other releases

  •  24 Jan 2013 13:53

Release Notes: A WordPress Plugin is now available for integrating Connect Daily into WordPress Web sites. The plugin provides Mini-Calendar widgets, Simple and Detailed List of Events widgets, and IFRAME widgets for inserting full-sized calendars into the site. JSONP data export ability was added to simplify AJAX programming. Overall program performance was improved.

  •  03 Oct 2011 21:23

    Release Notes: Support for mobile devices including iPhone/Android/Windows Phone. Updated French and German translations. Dramatically improved performance by consolidating framework JavaScript files.

    •  30 Apr 2011 04:44

    Release Notes: This release adds a new Month view that supports spanning or bannerizing multi-day events. Support for sharing events to Facebook or Twitter using AddThis was added. Dojo was updated to version 1.6 to add new Rich Text Editor features. A Web site integration wizard that generates HTML code for integrating the calendar into a Web page was added. There were many other small fixes and improvements.

    •  18 Jun 2010 22:43

      Release Notes: This release revises the search event screen to support phrase match and negative keywords. The search screen also supports filtering on custom fields. Custom fields now supports multiple select checkbox groups. iCal/RSS feeds now set ETag/Last Modified values to minimize bandwidth usage by clients. Upgraded to the latest version of Dojo. Several other small bugfixes and feature improvements.

      •  30 Jun 2009 18:11

      Release Notes: This release adds new recurrence types including daily, and every N patterns for Weekly and Monthly recurrence. It upgrades the rich text editor to the current Dojo release to fix work around compatibility issues with IE. Month view can now be configured to show events in cells for the preceding and following months. A German translation for captions has been added.


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