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22 Sep 2013 09:44 jeanphilippehamon

Hi, ccze is a great tool for logs, but I would like to know how I could custum it. In fact I'm working with server Linux Scribe for my school and I would like to add news items in colors when I convert connexions.log. So it's possible to add filter with a color to show very easily some words like :
CONNECTION Mon 09 sep 2013 07:55 christelle.ladoues professeurs pc-00163-ppo WinXP 17913
CONNECTION Mon 09 sep 2013 08:06 amelie.laborie eleves pc-00191-ppo WinXP 18568
I would like to highlight "professeurs" with one color and "eleves" with another color.
A this time I make two files with a grep : One for "professeurs" and another one for "eleves".
Best Regards.

05 Oct 2012 06:41 algernon

@phil_PICS: The -A option. ccze uses ncurses by default, and the screen's cleared when doing son. With -A, it will use direct ANSI escape sequences, which is less portable, but doesn't clear the screen.

05 Oct 2012 02:15 phil_PICS

Hi! CCZE is great for viewing logs, but when I use it to colorize the output from a command -- say 'mvn install' -- the colorization happens, but when the mvn program exits, the entire view disappears. What option should I be using to prevent this from happening?

04 Jul 2011 21:31 algernon

After quite a few years of neglecting the project, I'm working on a new version. I will not continue the old code, but will start anew.

This, however, will take a while.

08 Jan 2011 04:46 Romster

Will we be seeing a newer ccze anytime soon? I would love to see conntrack log colouring and netfilter logs from -j LOG. Also a how to make your own plug-ins.

14 Aug 2004 13:26 Seumas

Handy tool.
This is one of those little utilities you can do without, but once you use it - you won't want to ever be without it.


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