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  •  12 Jun 2011 21:17

Release Notes: This release builds using GNU uCommon as its required base library. It also includes a fix for srtp padding and for compiling with g++ 4.6.

  •  16 Dec 2008 22:18

Release Notes: Code cleanup, bugfixes for RTP sender info, and merging of Debian patches upstream.

  •  16 Apr 2008 21:31

Release Notes: Lots of bugs were fixed, mostly related to rtcp and support for "make-in-place" builds.

  •  01 Oct 2006 16:26

Release Notes: Brand new support has been introduced for Secure RTP Profile (srtp) as per RFC 3711. This release also supports a new add-on package, libzrtpcpp, that directly offers native zfone (zrtp) compatible encryption capabilities to Common C++ RTP based applications. This is the first softphone client to use both Common C++ RTP srtp and zrtp support.

  •  17 May 2006 22:44

Release Notes: Changes have been made to improve packet scheduling and queing. A new sendImmediate mode has been added to simplify application design and reduce latency when joining RTP sessions. IPv6 support was introduced.

  •  12 Oct 2005 01:29

Release Notes: Fixes were made for Jitter computations, timestamps for rtcp computations, and length checks for rtcp packets. Some bugs in walking control structures were fixed. 2833 dialing detection routines were added. Miscellaneous fixes were made for gcc 4 and later.

  •  24 Mar 2005 08:00

Release Notes: Multiple destination lists were fixed. Padding for RTP packets was fixed, and a new padding member function was added to enable or disable padding. The set of required libraries is now smaller; it now only depends on libccgnu2, and no longer depends on libccext2.

  •  23 Feb 2005 13:21

Release Notes: Problems with gcc 3.4 and VC 7 with templates in C++ DLLs/shared objects have all been fixed. This version compiles under the latest GNU compilers, and also under VS.NET natively.

  •  30 Jan 2005 07:26

Release Notes: Packet filtering support was improved. Queue bugs were fixed. Integration with other applications was improved.

  •  12 Mar 2002 02:28

Release Notes: Several bugfixes for headers and compiling problems were added.


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