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ccHost is a Web-based infrastructure that may be used to host and allow for commenting, remixing, and distribution globally. The more installations of ccHost and its variations, the more content there will be available for enjoyment and artistic re-use in a sane and legal setting. ccHost is what is used for the infamous Creative Commons CC Mixter project which supports legal media sharing and remixing.


Recent releases

  •  28 Feb 2007 00:29

    Release Notes: This release is a 2-3x performance boost over the last major version. It includes playlists/favorites, an embedded MP3 player, and remix radio channels for audio content. With the "Publicize" feature, anyone can include lists of information about their profile from ccHost so that their info may be used around the Web in easy-to-use formats. Also of note is the inclusion of the recently released Creative Commons 3.0 Licenses, which are selectable as an administrator.

    •  18 Oct 2006 22:54

      Release Notes: This release is primarily aimed at making admins' lives easier. User enhancements include showing the last updated date, a "What I look for/use" browser, and alphabetical browsing of people. Admin features include paths admin for specifying per-installation paths, major sample pool optimizations, site disabling, email notifications on moderation, a new email rules engine, and a new experimental pseudo-file verifier that works alone or with getid3.

      •  14 Sep 2006 03:05

        Release Notes: A skin maker was added for generating skins for users along with a way to edit the sidebar. Error recovery when the menu has been destroyed is now more graceful. A problem where an empty nav tab set was breaking the site was fixed. Adding items to an empty menu no longer causes havoc. An issue with viewing the sample pool item was fixed. remixedby feeds and deleted user's reviews no longer cause errors. A problem where a podcast of a deleted record broke the feed was fixed. Editing menus for vroots was fixed. Editing properties for sample pools no longer causes errors. Broken xspf 1.0 feeds were fixed.

        •  09 Sep 2006 07:22

          Release Notes: A problem where saving the user profile would erase (with no undo) all menu and submitform customizations was fixed.

          •  08 Sep 2006 09:19

            Release Notes: Major features in this release include native forums, infrastructure to support multiple languages, and an email notification system. ccHost has replaced its dependency on phpbb2 with native, fully-functioning hierarchical forums. They are totally integrated with user profiles, and administrators may specifically control them.


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