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GNU ccAudio2

ccaudio2 is a simple, highly portable, stand-alone, C++-based framework for manipulation of audio data. Its goal is to be a C++ framework that is as useful as "audiofile" or "sndfile" is for C programming, and to cover various generic and useful manipulations of audio data as well as audio file access. A stand-alone audio processing command line tool is also provided to demonstrate library functionality. ccaudio2 compiles under Mac OS X, POSIX systems, and Win32 systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Oct 2013 17:02

    Release Notes: Rebuilt and updated for use with current libucommon 6.x releases. Updated for OS X support and optional cmake builds.

    •  22 Jan 2011 22:32

      Release Notes: This version was integrated with GNU uCommon and can use the cmake build system. The code is usable also with purely static linkage, as all default codecs are now compiled in.

      •  16 Dec 2008 22:16

        Release Notes: General code cleanup, many bugfixes, and many fixes for building with modern gcc releases.

        •  21 Jul 2006 07:42

          Release Notes: Updates were made in codec support. Timing base for gsm codec was added. The g.721/g.723/g.726 family of adpcm codecs was introduced, along with new raw adpcm .a24/.a32/.a40 file extensions.

          •  23 May 2006 17:58

            Release Notes: Support for g.721 and oki adpcm codecs has been added. There is a new internal codec plugin API with better support for codecs that require buffering, multiple frame sizes, and data stream sychronization. Support for packet-oriented file I/O to feed RTP packet streams. Support for sample rate conversion. Audiotool now supports sample rate conversion and dialogic .vox format when converting audio file formats with --build.


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