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  •  30 May 2008 17:30

Release Notes: A bug was reintroduced (and now corrected again) that caused problems with filenames containing special characters such as [] and {}.

  •  22 May 2008 17:22

Release Notes: An issue where horizontal display of the navigation bar was broken after a line in the code was mistakenly removed was fixed. Auto-sizing of the navbar should now work in all cases.

  •  05 Jun 2005 17:47

Release Notes: The 'Requesting page' has been modified to show the right page number. Filename management has been changed to process very long filenames (over 200 characters) correctly.

  •  08 Nov 2004 11:31

Release Notes: Upper case extensions of images in archives (such as .JPG) weren't detected by the previous release. This has been fixed. The Spanish translation has been updated.


Project Spotlight


A Linux embedded appliance framework.


Project Spotlight


A Linux namespaces sandbox program.