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cats2procmailrc is a filter to generate a .procmailrc file from a much terser and friendlier file consisting mostly of single-line rules. These suffice to do the most common mail filing, making maintenance of a procmailrc very easy for someone with more than a few filing rules. Each rule normally names the folder, an optional subject tag, and the pattern. Raw procmail rules may also be included for those rare complex filings.

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Release Notes: A new "continue" filing paradigm was added. The program was rewritten in Python. Many other minor fixes and updates were made.

  •  15 Jul 2007 21:03

Release Notes: Broken mutli-folder rule parsing was fixed.

  •  08 Jun 2007 01:29

Release Notes: A simple macro syntax was added. A "synchronous" mode for rulesets with many continue/copy rules is now available, preventing procmail fork explosions. A better "raw procmail rule" syntax is used. The code was completely rewritten in Python.

  •  22 Mar 2006 21:56

Release Notes: The handling of patterns with leading "^" character versus those without a leading "^" character was fixed.

  •  18 Mar 2006 07:03

Release Notes: This release adds support for rules with multiple conditions.


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