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CASM is an offline content management tool. It is ideal for creating and maintaining dynamic or static Web, WAP, or XML sites. CASM is implemented as an integrated command-line application which contains the Content Assembling Language compiler, an optimizer for HTML, CSS, and XML, HTML tidy integration, a powerful site file structure builder, and more. Content Assmebling Language (CAL) is a markup language designed to separate site content from display properties. CAL has a comfortable templating mechanism, if-then-else structure, variable substitution, file including, recordset handling, looping functions, and embedded Perl scripting.

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  •  29 Nov 2003 21:11

Release Notes: This version adds support for predefined CAL variables and character substitution. The documentation has been updated. A selfcompilation check for hacker support has been implemented.

  •  01 Nov 2003 13:02

Release Notes: This version includes embedded Perl scripting and other minor enhancements. Perl scripting gives unlimited hacking power, since you can even modify the compiler dynamically.

  •  04 Mar 2003 11:25

Release Notes: There are bugfixes and documentation fixes. The document "Introduction to Site Building and Maintenance Using CASM" has been added.

  •  04 Feb 2003 13:47

Release Notes: The savecasm script has been enhanced. The savesite script is also enhanced in the downloadable site source. CASM hackers are encouraged to upgrade.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

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14 Oct 2006 03:03 charland

An inactive project?
This could be an interesting project. The stuff actually works and it works nicely -not perfect but nice. Potential is there.

Unfortunately, and contrary to his claims, the author does not react to questions and problem reports. E-mails do not seem to elicit a reply.

I've since lost interest in CASM and recommend tahchee ( to anyone's looking for something similar.


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