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23 Nov 2005 04:46 nicoit

Guys the project is just wonderfull.

I'll keep an eye on this proyect :)


14 Jan 2004 02:34 latorilla

Re: High quality!
The first deployment version (for mysql
database) was just recently released.

The application is now available in several
languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bulgarian,
Czech, Chinese-simplified, German, English,
Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian,
Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Vietnamese.

English and German language versions are 100%
complete. Though not all language versions are
100% complete.

23 Jul 2002 13:34 techfixer

High quality!
Although this project is still on a beta status, it promises to be a very high quality product. In just it's first release to the open-source community, the features included are amazing, and the planned or in current development ones will make of this program a no-brainer decision for hospital management software.

Installation is quite easy, and a database front-end is included in the distribution. All features are password-protected on a per-user basis.

This is the grade of programming I've come to expect from the finest coders of the open-source community.


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