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  •  06 Jun 2007 07:29

Release Notes: This version introduces tools for adding comments to blocks, for managing data collected via forms, and for manipulating images. Numerous user interface improvements, minor enhancements, and bugfixes are also included.

  •  14 Mar 2006 11:29

Release Notes: Improved session management, with a "remember me" feature. UI improvements, such as a site navigator panel and block clipboard. Support for multiple rows, each with its own alignment, width, and set of columns. Page templates make it much easier to create standard headers and footers and custom navigation panels, and to update the look of an entire site at once. A new, improved CSS-based style editor. A new, improved file manager. File-level permission control.

Release Notes: This release introduces major developments including a revamped file manager, file permissions, page templates, and a CSS-based style editor, as well as significant improvements to the user interface and API. As a beta, this release is not yet recommended for production systems.

  •  10 Jun 2005 10:49

Release Notes: This release adds PHP5 support and an improved upgrade script and Web-based installation. It also marks the transition to tinyMCE for HTML editing, as well as improvements to the RSS tools and the Clock and Org Search apps. Several bugfixes have been included.

  •  27 May 2005 01:08

Release Notes: This version adds numerous new apps, much greater stability, and an easy-to-use installer. It cleans up the code tree and fixes a number of bugs. It now supports Flash, MP3, and Quicktime file types. The publish tool has been revamped.

  •  02 Feb 2004 15:43

Release Notes: This release has a highly optimized codebase, updated documentation, a much more slick user interface, a very nice installer, several new modules, LDAP authentication, a publish all feature, and considerable bugfixes.

  •  21 Jan 2004 23:57

Release Notes: A clean GUI installation mechanism was added. A site administrator was added. A better folder and file management system was implemented. Many features were added.


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A library for quick day-to-day C programming.


Project Spotlight


A Topic Map editor application.