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Release Notes: Cantus has been completely reimplemented. There is no "Queue" anymore. Instead, a file browser has been added directly to the main window. Plugin support has been added, and all tools are now shown in a context sensitive manner. It is now possible to choose the position of the tools in the GUI. A file copy plugin has been added. Support for internationalization was improved. A completely new installer has been created to replace automake. Many other changes were also made.

Release Notes: The ability to generate a tag from the filename has been added. Some automake issues were also fixed, and a spec file has been added.

Release Notes: Additional rules were added to the rule editor. The queue and preview update is now much faster. German, Spanish, and French language files were added.

Release Notes: A complete new ruleeditor has been created and a preview window has been added. Full internationalisation (gettext) support has been added and a German language file is also already there. Some small user interface improvements were made. Many options have been added and many bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: In this version, a complete rewrite has been done. Cantus now uses a new GUI with GTK2 and libglade. GNOME-libs are no longer needed. For now, only the tag editor has been ported; no advanced features are in this snapshot yet.

Release Notes: Many feature enhancements were made. It is now possible to choose between viewing and editing the V1 or V2 tag in the tageditor. A new tab "Tag -> Filename" was added for quicker usage than the rules dialog. The "Choose Album" and "Sort Tracks" dialogs from the FreeDB request have been merged together. A new "set permissions" rule was added. Some smaller enhancements were made. Some bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: A complete rewrite of the program was made. Tabs were added to the main window, to give much better handling and overview. The iconlist was replaced by a text list with small icons. Columns in the queue are now customizable, and much more information can be viewed immediately. The status icon was replaced by a short status text, and the status bar and progress bar work for "Add recursive" now as well. FreeDB-get by FreeDB ID was implemented, as well as FreeDB-get by search string. Better memory handling was implemented, many bugs were fixed, and other minor feature enhancements were made.

Release Notes: This release supports ID3V2.3, much faster tag deletion and changing, a new function "directoryname to tag", along with many minor features, bugfixes, and cleanups.


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