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Camsource is a modularized and multithreaded daemon for grabbing image frames from a video4linux device. It uses a simple yet powerful plugin system, which allows it to use the same grabbed images for multiple purposes at the same time. It features image filter plugins, which can be daisychained in the XML config file to modify the image before passing them to other plugins. Included plugins provide compatibility with camserv (multipart jpeg streams) and webcam_server, a local snapshot file writing module, and an FTP upload module, as well as basic image filtering (resizing, flipping, and rotating).

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  •  01 May 2003 07:22

Release Notes: Many new features and fixes were made, including input modules, with a new x11 input module, making it possible to serve live screenshots, a motiondetect filter, HTTP authentication, vloopback device support, the ability to retrieve raw image data, command line switches to restart or kill the daemon, the ability to handle multiple input devices at the same time, automatic camera brightness adjusting, and external trigger commands for capture on/off events.

  •  17 Dec 2002 13:22

Release Notes: This release adds support for the video4linux mmap API, which will now be used by default if available. Together with a new config file setting for the video norm (NTSC, PAL, etc.) to use, this should finally fix support for BTTV cards. Other new config file settings are picture quality settings such as brightness, hue, and saturation.

  •  14 Nov 2002 13:05

Release Notes: This release slightly changes the ordering of video palettes, giving yuv420p (planar) priority over yuv420 (packed). This avoids an ambiguity in the v4l specs and fixes video decoding for certain drivers (such as the ov511 driver).

  •  07 Oct 2002 16:47

Release Notes: This release adds support for several more v4l palettes, including the grayscale palette, hopefully providing support for black-and-white cameras such as the old quickcam. Going along with this change, an image filter to convert a color image to grayscale has been added. The -c command line switch now also reports which palettes are supported by the video device.

  •  27 Sep 2002 17:22

Release Notes: This release compiles cleanly and works correctly with libxml1 as well as libxml2, both of which are autodetected. Other minor compilation issues have been fixed as well. An image filter capable of rotating the image left or right by 90 degrees has been added, and the filewrite and ftpup modules now support grabbing a single frame and then exiting.

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25 Apr 2007 01:31 adam_mhl

Re: This software is AMAZING!!!
When I want to cross compile camsource-0.7.0,I meet a question says that :error:Could not find libjpeg.

I list the steps as following.

1)I compile jpeg-6b and install successfully in directory : /home/webserver/web/arm-linux/arm-linux/lib/

2)cd camsource-0.7.0, export CC= /home/webserver/web/arm-linux/bin/arm-linux-gcc

3)./configure --host=arm-linux

4)configure:error: Could not find libjpeg.

I could be very thankful if you help me to solve the question about my program.

15 Sep 2003 15:34 sunnyd Thumbs up

This software is AMAZING!!!
This software rocks for 2 reasons: The first is
that whatever it uses to take pictures from
/dev/video beats all the other crap out there. And
secondly because its got all the features you could
want in a single app!

Hats off to this guy!!

08 Jan 2003 02:26 Graffen Thumbs up

What can I say
Wow! This software ROCKS!
I used camserv for a while, but got tired of it hanging all the time, so I searched around a bit and discovered this amazing piece of webcam software.

Keep up the good work guys!


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