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Console Ansi Mpeg Player interface

CAMP is a complete interface for MP3 players such as mpg123, xaudio, and amp. It is designed for the console using ANSI graphics, and also supports skins. It has mpg123-jukebox mode support, wich enables seeking in mp3-files. It also has IR remote control support via LIRC, and homebrew parallel port remotes. It can lock your console to the current virtual terminal with password protection, supports MP3 HTTP streaming via mpg123, and has playlist, file list, status, and ID3-edit windows.


Recent releases

  •  20 Apr 2013 17:44

    Release Notes: This release finally fixes some compilation errors. It should run fine on most distributions (including Raspbian) now.

    •  05 May 2002 22:10

      Release Notes: This release won't segfault if you try to steal it from a rxvt/xterm. A bug where mpg123 mode wouldn't run with mpg123 versions earlier than 0.59s. A dropfile with some info about the current song has been added. There is an included script which utilizes it for BitchX (to announce your song to a channel with download options).

      •  20 Mar 2002 15:28

        Release Notes: Full mpg123 jukebox mode support was added, which enables seeking in MP3 files. The quicksearch bug in the playlistwindow that was present since beta3 has been fixed, and all known segfaults have also been fixed.

        •  24 Feb 2002 20:58

          Release Notes: This release supports searching in playlists, like 'j' in Winamp, and has recursive directory scanning, skin improvements, and lots of bugfixes.


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