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Camero is a three-tier system for creating and running Webcam portals. It consists of a daemon, an admin tool, and a portal CGI. Based around a MySQL backend, the daemon polls camera URLs, downloading and archiving images, updating the statuses of servers, etc. The admin tool is Web-based and allows you to change most settings and add/remove/edit/disable cams and archived images. The portal uses a Python Server Page processor called PySP. Most of the HTML of the portal is templated and configurable through custom tags.


Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2005 01:18

    Release Notes: A refresh bug was fixed. The cam select option was fixed. Other smaller bugs were fixed.

    •  25 Jan 2005 23:03

      Release Notes: This release adds PySP (Python Server Page implementation). The portal is now in PySP. Thumbnailing support and Image Pipe/Filtering support have been added.

      •  18 Nov 2002 01:16

        Release Notes: New features include: Archive quote support (automated pruning), speed optimizations, basic mod_python support, a new more customizable portal, and admin tool enhancements.

        •  13 Sep 2002 17:17

          Release Notes: XML has been dropped. This release has changed from passive to active (CGI). MySQL and archiving support, voting/ranking, and a bunch of small things have been added. It is basically a total rewrite.

          •  10 Oct 2001 19:16

            Release Notes: Camero 2.0 is a multithreaded daemon which dynamically updates and generates webcam portals. Using a simple XML configuration, Camero can create a diverse Website comparable to many of the more popular cam portal sites around today. Huge improvements over the 1.0 branch have been made due to the new architecture. Generated pages stay current within user-defined tolerances.


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