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CAMAS (CAudium Mail Access System) is a Webmail designed for the Caudium Webserver. It features IMAP support, MTA and MUA DSN, multiple mailboxes, delete, moving mail, filter, autofilter, drafts, etc. The user interface is generated from customizable templates. It includes a stateful IMAP client, with namespace and quota support. It also support several layers for authentication (LDAP, SQL, files), preferences (IMAP, files, SQL), and address books (IMAP, LDAP).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  17 Apr 2004 09:36

    Release Notes: This release added (R)XML templating of the user interface and several backends like SQL and LDAP for authentication, preferences, and the address book. It also added support for IMAP quotas and namespaces, and provided more modularity and code cleanups to allow you to extend the program using external Caudium modules.

    •  19 Dec 2002 19:48

      Release Notes: This release fixes the multiple addressbook selector to use POST instead of GET because of a limitation in MSIE 4.0+ of 2083 char.

      •  18 Mar 2002 11:46

        Release Notes: This release fixes some date / time bugs, the Camas Basic Formbutton file is now automatically reloaded if it was changed on disk, and a workaround for a bug with the subject using widestring and windows-xxxx encoding on Pike 7.2 was incorporated. Cache stats which were incorrect have been fixed along with a case when no quota information was available.

        •  26 Nov 2001 21:27

          Release Notes: This release has more split/modular code, auth LDAP modules, and entities functions (not finished). All features have been moved from the main module to a standalone module. Formbuttons are now widestring compliant. The runtime admin and global addressbook are now separate modules. A camas tags module has been added. "pre-camas" formbuttons and plugin support are now deprecated, and have been moved into the compatibility section. A paranoia check has been added to the mailindex.

          •  26 Nov 2001 18:59

            Release Notes: Bugfixes for installation on OpenBSD, support for the IMAP server from LDAP in the LDAP Auth module (which uses the auth API v2), modified mail forwarding code to handle multipart/alternative message, and a fix for a bug if mail content type was different from text/*.


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