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Calindor is a fantasy world simulation server that implements the Eternal Lands protocol and can be played with Eternal Lands or compatible client software.

Operating Systems

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Release Notes: With this release, about 95% of the 0.4.0 scope is completed. Changes include implementing combat (asymmetric, multiple fighters, and PK), damage during combat, gaining experience during combat, and a combat mode for AI. Server characters have random combat skills and health. The software also received some refactoring, and default logging in release mode was limited.

Release Notes: With this release, about 85% of the scope for 0.4.0 has been completed. Following was improved. Attack was implemented. Death, respawning, and resurrection were implemented. Dimensions were implemented. The starting map was updated.

Release Notes: This release contains about 70% of the total scope. Implemented features include inventory, skills, harvesting, NPC dialogs, server characters, and a new start map.

No changes have been submitted for this release.


Project Spotlight


A Java Quartz scheduler management and monitoring UI/tool.


Project Spotlight


A utility to program Logitech Harmony remote controls.