Version 2.0RC1 of Calenco XML CMS

Release Notes: A "DAV" link button to get the direct URL to open the file in any DAV-compliant XML editor. Many fixes to the UI on Internet Explorer. When creating a publication, only toolchains compatible with the selected XML file are proposed. Users can now log out from the Web UI. Help and a link to the full User Guide are available on the Web UI. RTF and PS publication output support for DocBook files.

Other releases

  •  01 Feb 2012 22:08

Release Notes: This version is mainly a maintenance release featuring a slightly reworked interface that improves loading speed.It also fixes a few bugs under the hood. The WebDAV interface is removed from the free version of Calenco. It is now included as a major rewrite in the professional version.

  •  07 Dec 2010 12:58

Release Notes: A "reverse dependencies view" was added. Searching was improved. A new database is used to enhance performance and reduce repository storage size. MathML formulas in PDF output are supported. Many enhancements and bugfixes were made.

  •  16 Aug 2010 14:37

Release Notes: DITA and DocBook4 support were added. Support for more languages was added. The file preview area now has two tabs: Preview, with a preview render of the selected file; and Code, with a raw text view which even lets you edit the raw text and store it back on Calenco. Besides the depstree, there's a "flat list" file view that lets you sort files by name, size, type, author. The flat list file view has a search pane, letting you filter out files according to their content (using full-text search).

  •  24 Jul 2010 11:42

Release Notes: This release added support for more languages and more help items in the UI, including help on the popup dialogs. In the dependencies tree you must now use Shift+Click to select a file and all of its dependencies. Clicking alone will select the file only, not its dependencies. The REST API specs docs were updated to match the 2.1 implementation. DITA documents are now properly indexed and thus searchable. There were many UI enhancements and bugfixes.

Release Notes: Support for DITA and DocBook4 documents. A reworked user interface. Code preview and editing online. A file list with sorting and full text search.


Project Spotlight


A basic file management library for Rodent applications.


Project Spotlight


A membership management system.