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Calc is arbitrary precision arithmetic system that uses a C-like language. It's useful as a calculator, an algorithm prototype, and as a mathematical research tool. More importantly, calc provides a machine-independent means of computation. Calc comes with a rich set of builtin mathematical and programmatic functions.

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  •  02 Sep 2013 00:24

    Release Notes: This release fixes many typos in comments of the Makefile, adds the new calc resource files,,, and, and adds a number of ctype-like builtins (isalnum, isalpha, iscntrl, isdigit, isgraph, islower, isprint, ispunct, isspace, isupper, isxdigit, strcasecmp, and strncasecmp). The Makefile rule, debug, is more verbose and prints more information about the calc compiled constants. The source code is now mostly picky 2.3 clean using -s -v flags.

    Release Notes: This release adds a number of calc resource files. With the exception of 3 source files, this release is "picky" about line lengths and other issues reported by the picky tool: cal/, cal/set8700.line, and help/errorcodes.sed. These 3 files now pass picky -w (OK except for line length).

    •  21 May 2013 00:44

      Release Notes: This release updates the RPM build process, makes libraries chmodded as 0644 to allow for building rpms without root, adds a resource script, adds a calc-symlink make rule to setup symlinks from standard locations into a tree specified by a non-empty ${T} makefile variable, adds calc-unsymlink to remove any symlinks which may have been created by the calc-symlink rule, and fixes a bug uncovered in calc which caused script failures when calc was called within a while loop in BASH if the while loop was fed from stdin, due to calc's redirection/inheritance of stdin and no option to change this behavior.

      •  24 Oct 2008 10:53

      Release Notes: A bug where calling functions with different values of epsilon would return incorrect results was fixed. A bug were certain typographical errors in interactive mode would cause calc to exit was fixed. A bug in was fixed. Minor documentation improvements were made. The Makefile and build process were improved.

      •  10 May 2008 12:34

      Release Notes: Mac OS/Darwin targets no longer attempt to use ldconfig. "make debug" has been fixed by removing the use of rpm.release. An empty custom include directory is not removed during installation. "make clobber" has been fixed by rebuilding custom/Makefile.

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      03 Nov 1999 21:13 aldem Thumbs up

      CoolThing! (tm) :))
      Calc is really nice thing, I use it for a long time (several years).

      It is perfect for casual use (as a replacement for traditional 'bc')
      and for more sophisticated use.

      And what is really nice - it is maintained again (since long time of
      "free flight").

      Test it - and you'll forget about 'bc' forever :))


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