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  •  15 Jul 2006 00:02

Release Notes: 51 bugs reported in the last month have been fixed.

  •  14 Jun 2006 13:56

Release Notes: Over 62 bug fixes since the last release. Major improvements in database associations and Javascript support.

  •  26 May 2006 01:41

Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs found in the 1.0 release. Some changes were also made to the coding standards in this release. The major changes were the removal of newlines for the first bracket of a function definition and if/else statements, and spaces were changed to tabs.

Release Notes: This stable version included various bugfixes.

Release Notes: New features include full page caching, persistent models, duplicate query checks, alternate paths, and custom inflector rules. The request and security components were updated. Sanitize::html() no longer converts newlines to br tags. This release marks the last in the .10 series line.

Release Notes: The ability to put the /app and /cake core directory anywhere (check out /app/webroot/index.php). /vendors can be in the same place as cake or inside app. /tmp is now inside /app. Better plugin setup. Recursion can go as far as you want on any association. Deletes for HABTM, hasMany, and hasOne. Request Component. Ajax edit in place and slider control.

No changes have been submitted for this release.

Release Notes: The API has been stabilized and most major bugs have been worked out. A few new features were added.

Release Notes: Better support for join fields, which will make it easier to create a new DBO, full support for recursive or non-recursive queries, upgraded AJAX, bootstrap that ensures that /app/webroot/index.php does not need to be changed again, better session handling, and a session timeout setting.

Release Notes: Many changes were made.


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Project Spotlight


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