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Cajun is a program that allows you to turn any computer into a massive audio jukebox for your car or home. It uses LCD displays/keypads, and supports infrared remote controls. Soundcard output is delivered to your (car or home) stereo for amplification. The software supports a playlist and shuffle mode.

Operating Systems

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  •  27 May 2004 06:07

Release Notes: This release changes the FilePlayer module responsible for MP3s and Oggs; menus are now generated on the fly, rather than requiring the user to configure the file tree manually. Many new input and output device drivers have also been added.

Release Notes: The device drivers were redesigned with OO, Ogg Vorbis support was added to mpg123, and speed enhancements, an IceCast client, and a GPS client were added. xaudio support was removed, and a Java cxterm client was included.

  •  08 Feb 2002 08:54

Release Notes: This release adds LCDProc support, HD44780 serial backpack support, on-the-fly playlist support, and on/off backlight support (timer-based control is coming in the next release). CrystalFontz display support has been fixed. FM-V4L display has been enhanced.

  •  12 Jan 2002 14:58

Release Notes: After a year and a half of work, Cajun 4 is nearing a full release, and is quite ready for general use. Cajun 4 is a complete redesign and rewrite of the Cajun 3 software. It now supports multiple audio streams, multiple input/output devices per stream, different-sized displays running at the same time, a backend SQL database (MySQL), and Web administration via Apache.

  •  30 Jan 2001 06:12

    Release Notes: Version 3.0-8 is the first version created by the newly-assembled Cajun development team. It contains far too many features to list them all, but they include FM/Video4Linux support, icecast/shoutcast support, CrystalFontz serial display support, and choice of mpg123 or xaudio for driving the sound card. Version 3.0-8 will probably be the last in the 3.0 series; the core is being re-written to allow better module independance.

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    06 Mar 2002 03:28 bkeating Thumbs up

    Documentation for CAJUN
    Would anyone be willing to help me write some in-depth documentation on setting up a MP3 player based off CAJUN for new comers aswell as tips and tricks for the gurus?

    mail me at I'll respond within the same day.


    01 May 2000 00:56 rdejean

    Site moved
    The site was recently moved to
    SourceForge (

    20 Mar 2000 17:41 mschmitt

    Dead on arrival
    Those guys had some nice ideas, but the site seems to have disappeared. :-(


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