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14 Jun 2004 20:02 sloop

Cacti Rocks
In less than an hour from downloading the cacti tarball, I had working, usable graphs. Very slick web-based control interface for adding devices, graphs, graph trees (groups of devices), and users. You can add users and only let them look at the devices/graphs you want them to see.

29 May 2003 15:30 RalphG2SL

very, very good
Hi Ian,
you make a very, very good job.
Thx a lot for that.
Cacti, together with Nagios, might become a Tivoli-Killer, someday.
I would be proud of becoming a core developer.
I use cacti beta in a bank environment -
even knowing there a lots of bugs.
It's worth the risk.
My target is to monitor 60.000 PCs.
But i urgently want you to set up a CVS Server.
If you want me to, i will do that.
We should be so tolerant,
not to tolerate intolerance.
- Albert Einstein


06 May 2003 19:22 danswan

Wonderful, but complex.
There's a lot of promise here, but I think it's in need of some simplification.... I've been beating my head for two days trying to get it to track disk usage, but all I get are blank graphs.

A nice feature for future development would be a standardized "module" format, that when installed, would automatically load the data source definition into the database, and create the graph parameters.

Anyhow, great work so far... Cacti will obviously be worth keeping an eye on.

03 Apr 2003 01:49 nurikabe

Simple to setup. Easy to use. Beautiful output.

30 Oct 2002 22:41 altgrendel

Easier to install/run than Cricket.
Worked with cricket for a month, couldn't get it running. Nothing in the archives or the mail list helped. Tried cacti, had it running in 4 hours. It looks great.

06 May 2002 10:04 malachi

Great Program..

I've been working with MRTG, RRDtool, Cricket, HotSANiC, etc for a while now. I admin/engineer a very small campus. It needs complicated read outs due to the nature of the business I work in but Cricket was really built for a large scale campus. The aggrigate information I can grab about servers, statistics, ins/outs on a tree view self-described heirarchy from Cacti puts the world I live in--in view.

I've got a lot of vested time in Cacti and more time to come, but it does everything I need with a spif (and rare) uber GUI.. Allowing me to setup graph snapshots for developers to administration to see whats going on and whats affecting their world.

Apprecaite the good job and contributors, keep up the excellent effort.


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