Version 0.31 of Caché Monitor

Release Notes: A quick filter function has been added to the table browser's context menu. Date/time/timestamp are now editable. Many memory leaks have been removed. Sub-nodes are created at first expansion.

Other releases

  •  15 Apr 2014 23:12

Release Notes: For the namespaces list, no access to the "%SYS" namespace is required. The source code in Class Browser shows the same code as in Studio. The Global Browser visualizes different node types with icons. The new Record dialog is available, and shows columns in rows. Each grid in Caché Monitor can open this Record dialog via context menu. In the table viewer, the new storage tab lists the storage information about a table, like global name and global size. All workspace settings are saved on exit and reloaded on startup, so Caché Monitor remembers the window position and state (docked\undocked).

  •  06 Apr 2014 15:53

Release Notes: This version supports Java 8. To improve performance\minimize user waiting, prefetching of meta data is implemented. The Tables\Views are grouped by schema, and empty schema will not be displayed by default. CodeCompletion works now on all schema by default. The Source-, Class-, and GlobalViewer show the item count on registertitle and in a tree.

  •  01 Apr 2014 23:35

Release Notes: This release opens the current class in Caché Studio, adds some code completion improvements to show more Caché keywords in completion and coloring, adds some code completion display additional information for keywords and functions, and makes icons visualize the completion type (e.g., Table, Column, Schema, Index, etc.). The Type column shows the primary key, datatype, and nullable property. Optimizer hints are listed with additional information Disconnecting a server no longer closes all subpanels. License management has improved.

  •  23 Jan 2014 00:22

Release Notes: A new Bulk Export Dialog allows the user to save the current and load the previous selections of Tables. The server version number can now be viewed in the Server Navigator tree, toggled via the Menu "Show version". A new context popup menu in the tables entry allows fast data access via generated SQL: "SELECT first 1000 rows".

  •  13 Jan 2014 23:49

Release Notes: Some improvements and bugfixes for database diagrams. ENH, Database Diagrams: more key constraints are determined and visualized in diagrams; exported keys are marked with a special icon. ENH, Table Browser: lists imported\exported keys in a new tab called "References".


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