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c2lib is a library of basic structures and memory allocators for C. It is designed to look similar to the C++ STL with many powerful string features borrowed from Perl.

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  •  09 Feb 2003 18:01

Release Notes: c2lib has been ported to Solaris and *BSD, and many code fixes have been made.

Release Notes: This release adds MSP files. pmalloc now initializes memory to 0xefefefef so that uninitialized memory problems can be caught. There were further fixes to compile on RH 7.3. vector_push_back_vector (and related functions) and a tree class were added.

Release Notes: A type has been added for representing n-ary trees (required by the monolith project). The regular expression functions have been enhanced, and now require the Perl compatible regular expressions library (PCRE). The pstr*split functions have been rewritten to make them more compatible with Perl's behaviour in all the corner cases.

Release Notes: Binary and source RPMs are now available, and documentation updates were made.

  •  03 May 2002 13:01

Release Notes: An extensive tutorial, and the manual pages are available online.

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17 Feb 2001 18:20 lucipher

good lib
Good lib, i liked it much.. specially its string handling functions, non stop :-))


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