Version 2.0.9 of c++-gtk-utils

Release Notes: Integration of callback objects with C++11 lambda expressions has been improved. A bug in the move assignment operator of AsyncQueueDispatch has been fixed. Documentation improvements have been made.

    Other releases

    •  16 Apr 2014 20:08

      Release Notes: Minor improvements have been made. Breakage of one of the unit tests by GTK+3.12 has been fixed.

      •  28 Jan 2014 14:37

        Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with Extension::exec() which made a scheme script file evaluate to an empty list or throw a guile exception without arguments.

        •  24 Jan 2014 20:56

          Release Notes: An Extension::exec() function has been added to run guile scheme extensions in C++ programs. New Thread::TaskManager methods have been added to run std::packaged_task objects asynchronously. Other minor improvements have been made.

          •  30 Nov 2013 02:59

            Release Notes: This release adds minor improvements.

            •  17 Sep 2013 01:18

              Release Notes: The scalability of the TaskManager, AsyncQueue, and AsyncQueueDispatch classes has been improved. Other improvements have been made.


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              Packet Peeper

              A network protocol analyzer for Mac OS X.


              Project Spotlight


              A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.