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  •  21 Apr 2008 13:47

Release Notes: This release adds -tkannounce to announce tk on the admin channel. It adds plugins for serverControl, keepaway, koth, timedctf, teamflagreset, wwzones, and flagstay. It adds APIs for resetting bzdb, getting player pause state, reload bans and other files, shot ends, moving a flag, and exposing lag, jitter, and packet loss. There are many bugfixes and other enhancements.

  •  18 Jan 2005 00:10

Release Notes: The major new features in this release included support for vastly more complex worlds, physics drivers, graphics improvements, weather (rain, snow, frogs), tank treads and tracks, animations, record and playback, new flags, new commands, optimizations, and much more. Also added were a central registration system, global ban list support, network, new cheat preventions, and network optimizations.

  •  10 Dec 2003 07:00

Release Notes: This version breaks compatibility with all older releases. Vote based kicking was added. Game parameters like gravity and world size are now tunable. Smarter bots were implemented. World weapons, a bzadmin text client, autopilot, a rabbit game style, single port networking, and new flags were added.

  •  01 Aug 2003 14:32

Release Notes: This release is under the LGPL. It has Cygwin/mingw32 support, a server list cache, a colorized console, automake/autoconf, and more cheat protection.

  •  02 Nov 2002 01:28

Release Notes: The network code was updated, the HUD now features a new look, and many other changes were made.


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