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ByteName is a tool that for each byte of the input prints a line consisting of the byte offset, the byte in hex, octal, binary, and decimal, and its description in a selected single-byte encoding. A command line flag suppresses printing of lines corresponding to ASCII characters, which is useful for locating stray non-ASCII codes. It can also generate a chart for a specified encoding or, for a specified codepoint, generate descriptions in all known encodings.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2007 06:49

    Release Notes: This release adds MS DOS Codepages 437 and 850. Bugs in MS Windows Codepage 1252 were fixed.

    •  24 Nov 2006 11:36

      Release Notes: This release adds support for the Buckwalter transliteration of Arabic and the Indian government PASCII encoding for languages written in Perso-Arabic script.

      •  18 Jun 2006 15:20

        Release Notes: This release adds five encodings: Buddhist Relief Mission Pali, Classical Sanskrit Extended, EGA Farsi, IBM CP500 (EBCDIC), andMSDOS CP437 (original IBM PC).

        •  01 Jun 2006 07:49

          Release Notes: This version fixes typographical errors that made two encodings unavailable.

          •  21 Apr 2006 05:33

            Release Notes: Ten additional encodings are supported: AtariST, Guarani Linux Console, MS DOS CP860 (Portuguese), MS DOS CP861 (Icelandic/Nordic), MS DOS CP862 (Hebrew), MS DOS CP863 (Canadian French), MS DOS CP864 (Arabic), MS DOS CP865 (Nordic), MS DOS CP869 (Modern Greek), and MS Windows CP875 (IBM Greek).


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