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Burr Tools

Burr Tools is a set of programs for solving some kinds of puzzles, namely puzzles that are made out of square, cube-shaped, spherical, or triangular units, and whose solution also contains only pieces aligned along those grids. The program finds assemblies for the puzzle and animates how you have to assemble for some of them.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Oct 2010 09:26

    Release Notes: This release contains completely rewritten STL export code and OpenGL display code; they now share a common base. STL can be exported for all grids, including hollow shapes for all grids. STL export can be previewed in the STL export window, and you see exactly what the STL shape looks like. STL export displays the exact volume of the generated object. A problem loading puzzle files with complex groups was fixed. Deleting the last shape no longer crashes the program. The code can now be compiled with gcc-4.4 and fltk-1.3.

    •  23 Oct 2009 15:34

      Release Notes: The movement browser now allows you to push and pull pieces by clicking on them. An STL export bug resulting in occasional double face output has been fixed. This release can export hollow spheres to STL to save volume when 3d printing. There are several fixes regarding spheres: status window, assembly import, and missing and double solutions. The documentation has been updated.

      •  05 Apr 2009 09:01

        Release Notes: This release added a tetrahedral-octahedral grid, basic movement analysis for the triangle grid, a PDF manual, functions for shape generation, a rewrite of the XML code, scroll wheel support for 3D view zoom, and millability and notchability in the status window. A potential symmetry calculation problem with the rhombic grid was fixed along with a bug where BurrTools didn't find all solutions in some puzzles. Disassemble now requires less memory and can handle more than 256 pieces.

        •  15 Jan 2009 09:55

          Release Notes: An assembler problem where in some (seemingly rare) cases it didn't find all solutions. A crash when selecting the z-layer on an empty puzzle was fixed.

          •  01 May 2008 11:21

            Release Notes: A new space grid was included: rhombic tetrahedras. STL export was improved. Exporting to vector images (SVG and PDF) was implemented. Help is now available within the program instead of as a separate PDF. There were lots of internal cleanups.


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