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Buildroot is a set of Makefiles and patches that makes it easy to generate a complete embedded Linux system. Buildroot can generate any or all of a cross-compilation toolchain, a root filesystem, a kernel image, and a bootloader image. It is useful mainly for people working with small or embedded systems using various CPU architectures (x86, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, etc.).

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  •  08 Jan 2013 03:40

    Release Notes: This release fixes critical issues discovered since the 2012.11 release, most importantly with non-largefile builds on recent Ubuntu versions.

    •  04 Jan 2013 00:50

      Release Notes: This release adds a large number of new packages (43): at91bootstrap3, ccid and pscs-lite, gnupg, opus, Linux-pam, perl, python3, qemu, tirpc and rpcbind, adds binutils 2.23.1, GCC 4.7.2, and recent Codebench/Linaro toolchains. The default is now GCC 4.6. The manual has been reworked and extended, and lots of package license annotations added.

      •  04 Sep 2012 14:22

        Release Notes: This release added a license handling infrastructure which can generate detailed information about the licenses and source code of all components of a Buildroot system. External toolchains were updated. Download of a custom toolchain is now allowed. Linaro 2012.05 and 2012.06 for ARM was added along with Blackfin toolchain 2012R1-BETA1 and Sourcery CodeBench MIPS 2011.09. The package infrastructure was cleaned up.

        •  01 Jun 2012 01:13

          Release Notes: This release adds 34 new packages (including Systemd, polarssl, and a number of networking packages), adds GCC 4.7, uClibc, and support for Linaro external ARM toolchains, supports Microblaze (using an external toolchain), deprecates Xtensa support, adds more QEMU defconfigs (including Microblaze and e500 PowerPC.Defconfigs for Beaglebone, Pandaboard, and Freescale mx53qsb), adds patch series support in, and adds other updates and bugfixes.

          •  01 Mar 2012 02:00

            Release Notes: Sources can now also be retrieved from scp locations and Mercurial repositories. Per-package device table snippets for device nodes or special permissions were added. A host utilities menu with commonly used host tools was provided. AsciiDoc-based documentation was extended. Release tarballs now contain the generated manual in HTML, text, and PDF format. The internal toolchain now defaults to GCC 4.5.3. PowerPC SPE ABI, uClibc 0.9.33, and binutils 2.22 support. LPC32xx defconfigs and bootloader support were provided along with additional QEMU defconfigs. There were many new packages and fixes.


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