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22 Sep 2000 09:35 agstools

Why did I write bugtrack?
I am currently using bugzilla and was also responsible for setting it up on our system. We primarily use postgres and had never used mySQL before. Setting it all up was a bit of a challenge. The database design is not portable either.

This was partly "just for fun" and to make a more portable program with a simplier interface. I have tested this with postgres/apache on linux and access/omnihttpd on windows. The only non portable data type I believe I used was "serial" for postgres and "counter" for access. Also more of the parameters are user definable.

Setup should be easier too. There are only 6 required files (over 60 for bugzilla) and no dependencies on other stuff like bonsai, etc.

Again, it was fun developing and I'd definitely appreciate ideas!

22 Sep 2000 08:14 walles

How is this different?
How is this different from Jitterbug and Bugzilla? Why should I use this instead?

Cheers //Johan


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