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Release Notes: This version fixes a minor bug in the extra services module (the tab was missing). It also fixes a minor bug in the plain theme. A validation control was added to the room types module in order to prevent data loss. The XML module was also improved in this version.

Release Notes: Major improvements in Analysis Report. Minor improvements in Availability Map.

Release Notes: An improved Availability Map and a minor fix in default's room type values.

Release Notes: The availability map was improved. Major improvements were made in availability rates. Menus were added for "Reservation", "Availability", "Prices and Availability", "Availability Map", "Monthly Availability Map", "Detailed Availability Map", "List Pending Requests", "List Pending Reservations", "Search Reservations", and "List Reservations". Minor fixes were made in the default upload folder value in setup, the file manager connector, the file upload connector, the LinkBrowserURL connector, and the ImageBrowserURL connector.

Release Notes: This release adds a "number of rooms" field to the hotel, the amount of rooms allowed to be booked based on the number of rooms, and a new tag named "paid_plain" for the reservation page.

Release Notes: Character set configuration was added, so end users are able to choose the encoding type. Search engine optimization capabilities were improved in the pages that show hotels. For each hotel displayed, the title of the browser shows the portal name, the hotel name, and the hotel city. A minor fix was made in the code for showing a hotel.


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