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Release Notes: Flights support was added for trip quote notification and trip quote confirmation. Extra services validation was added. If no extra services are available, the headers do not show in the trip quote confirmation. Minor cosmetic improvements were made in trip quote confirmation. Extra service validation was added to trip quote. If no extra services are available, the headers do not show. Minor improvements and fixes were made in the flights section. Minor localization improvements were made in the flights section. A total of flights was added to the trip quote total.

Release Notes: This is a major feature enhancement release since the last freshmeat anouncement. It covers several new features, from new XML feeds to an improved user interface. It also solves all known issues from previous versions.

Release Notes: Major fixes for distribution issues and PHP 4 compatibility issues. Major improvements were made to the installation wizard.

Release Notes: This release adds several new options and fixes several known bugs. It adds a forgotten password option, the ability for corporate partners to list their bookings, Javascript email validation, minor validation in checkout/reservation (numebr of persons), and a new front desk module. It has a minor fix in Hotel Cache cachereceive, a minor license update fix, and a minor fix in Extra Services (Update). Corporate partner login has been improved. Hotels are now sorted by description in New Extra Services.

Release Notes: Localization support was added. The Other Settings Tab was added to the basic Information section. The Alternative Email field was added to the Basic Information section. The login validation function was improved. Several fixes were implemented, mainly regarding license checking, Images and Amenities, the Users Section, and the Google Site Map Key. This release also includes several new fields that were added to the database structure.

Release Notes: In this release a new configuration tool has been introduced in order to configure countries, zones, states, regions, and cities. It is also possible to configure Google Maps within this configuration tool. ip_from and ip_to fields have been added to the zones and cities table.

Release Notes: Among other things, this version fixes minor XML and distribution errors. Room Type images in display hotel were added. It also introduces an improved allotment management in Availability Maintenance option. Japanese and Chinese translations were added. Several validations were also added: error handling, type of establishment validation, inserting records at GDS level.

Release Notes: This release adds major improvements in Analysis Report and Availability Map. It also improved the Page HTML Editor. A new administration tool for editing configuration values was also added in this release. Several structure changes were made. The following fields were added: longitude, latitude, ip_from and ip_to to countries, zones, and cities tables. This release also fixes a minor illegal license problem.

Release Notes: Major improvements were made in the features to list pending requests, list pending reservations, list reservations, and search reservations. The "List Requests" option was added. Editing support was added to the "Availability & Prices" option. Minor improvements were made in the "Availability & Prices" option. The Room Type/Unit field and the Allotment field are validated. AJAX support was added for the Allotment field. A minor fix was made in Room Type/Unit editing. A requests table and a reservations table were added to the structure.

Release Notes: Minor cosmetic fixes were made in product activation. A "Lodging" menu was added along with "Add New Room Type/Unit" and "List Room Type(s)/Unit(s)" options. Minor fixes were made in Property Amenities. Minor problems in the left frame menu were fixed. unit_type, board, board_details, view, and roomtype tables were added.


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