RSS All releases of BugHotel Reservation System

  •  12 Feb 2011 00:17

    Release Notes: This release adds several new parameters to tourico Web services and has some minor fixes in the plugins section: the GAB option was missing from the database scheme. There are minor enhancements in the graphics library. Some GD limitations of the imageantialias function have been addressed.

    •  01 Feb 2011 14:35

      Release Notes: Subtitle information was added in featured properties. Minor enhancements were made in the graphics library and some GD limitations of the image antialiasing function. Minor configuration enhancements were made in the graphics library.

      •  11 Jan 2011 15:23

        Release Notes: The reservations class has been upgraded and some minor fixes and enhancements were made in number_format function calls and number formats. The evaluation version has been increased and PHP 5.3 support was added.

        •  05 Jan 2011 10:14

          Release Notes: Support for 5.3 was added. Minor fixes and enhancements were made in List XML Properties. Property management system integration was added.

          •  21 Dec 2010 15:11

            Release Notes: Property management system integration and XML affiliates integration support were added. The Gift Card environment feature is in beta testing. Minor design cosmetic fixes were made in Create New XML Feed Exclusion List.

            •  16 Dec 2010 14:57

              Release Notes: Minor fixes were made in the notifications engine and print invoice section. The Cars integration has been updated with several new plugin IDs.

              •  14 Dec 2010 13:46

                Release Notes: Service URL to Tourico holidays settings were added. Minor localization and integration issues were resolved in ACL Admin and in List Users (Access Control List). Minor fixes were made in extra services layer integration support.

                •  23 Nov 2010 16:31

                  Release Notes: A new design interface and a forgot password section were added. Several new providers are supported to List XML Reservations section and the image fields have been reduced from 255 to 150 in xmlhotels table.

                  •  09 Nov 2010 15:49

                    Release Notes: Changes were made to the xmlhotels table structure.

                    •  02 Nov 2010 15:37

                      Release Notes: Several fields were added to the xml_hotels database.


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