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  •  19 Jan 2007 02:28

Release Notes: The Credit Card Expiration dater was set to 2007. A minor fix was made in the session module (Login). Major fixes were made in the Desiya XML Feed module. Major tags were added. Options List Room Types, List Room Types per Hotel, List Hotels and List Bill are now compatible with PHP configurations both with register globals on or off. A minor consolidation fix was made.

  •  12 Jan 2007 10:34

Release Notes: A minor fix in the session module (Login).

Release Notes: A payment options section was added, including payment methods, real-time payment methods, and create payment method. JavaScript validations were added to the basic information section. JavaScript validations were added to the HTML page editor. An Images and Amenities section was added. A Site Amenities section was added. The structure was changed to add amenities, amenities_details, and themes tables. Minor fixes were made in Google Maps. A minor fix was made in Real Time Payment Method (Status). A minor fix was made in the HTML page editor concerning the property description field.

  •  13 Jan 2007 07:04

No changes have been submitted for this release.

  •  04 Jan 2007 10:57

Release Notes: OnRequest email improvements: some keywords were wrong. Rates are sorted alphabetically now. There is a minor fix in Packages (terms and conditions were wrong). There is a minor fix in PayRequest (missing from the distribution). The ADODB Database Abstraction Layer has bee upgraded to 493a. The directive ADODB_PATH has been added to the config. The directive ADODB_SESSION_PATH has been added to the config. The sessions table has been changed.

  •  27 Dec 2006 10:31

Release Notes: Activation Wizard Password field is now encrypted.

Release Notes: The ADODB abstraction layer was integrated. The PADL library integrated. Yapter 2.13b2 was integrated. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) was integrated. The NuSOAP Web services toolkit was integrated. FCKeditor was integrated. The Google Maps SDK was integrated. The SAJAX Ajax SDK was integrated.

  •  26 Dec 2006 08:10

Release Notes: Support for listing countries, states, and cities was fixed (register_globals=off). Language detection was improved. The OnRequest section was improved. The speed engine was improved. A minor fix was made in the list of pending requests. Major fixes were made on on-request non-real time email notifications. XML integrations (Book) were improved. OnRequest SMTP email was added. A minor fix was made in inventory adjustment. Major fixes were made in broadcast newsletter. SMS support was added for sending vouchers. The Brasilian Portuguese localization was improved. The French localization was improved.

Release Notes: A Turkish translation has been added. WorldPay Instant Payment Notification has been approved. On-the-fly room type availability has been added.

Release Notes: Among other changes, this release includes a full template system, new themes, the ability to cancel a reservation, the ability to delete stats, and service agreement, taxes and zones support. It adds payment gateway support and a new WYSIWYG Editor. Localization files for Danish, French, Spanish, and German have been improved.


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