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  •  27 Oct 2010 12:44

    Release Notes: Several fields were added to the xmlhotels table by changing the database scheme.

    •  19 Oct 2010 14:02

      Release Notes: A minor distribution fix was made.

      •  12 Oct 2010 12:04

        Release Notes: Several database changes were made - a unit_id field was added to the xmlguests table and an age field to the xmlguests table, and an XML Guests table was added to the database schema. Minor comsmetic enhancements were made in the core engine.

        •  12 Oct 2010 07:01

          Release Notes: Complete ACL profile support was added. Minor problems in the DOTW section were fixed.

          •  22 Sep 2010 10:35

            Release Notes: Minor fixes were made in List XML Properties and in country validations in the view reservation section. The size of field code has been changed from 11 chars to 40 chars in xmlhotels (Database scheme).

            •  14 Sep 2010 13:15

              Release Notes: Several fields have been added to the database scheme.

              •  07 Sep 2010 09:28

                Release Notes: The notifications engine has been updated. An XML Server URL directive was added to the configuration file, and the installation wizard was updated to create it. Google Maps Type is now stored in the hotels table.

                •  31 Aug 2010 12:40

                  Release Notes: The DOTWconnect XML Feed and several new channels were added to the View Reservations section. Minor database structure changes were made in the xmlhotels_sessions table.

                  •  24 Aug 2010 12:38

                    Release Notes: Minor database structure changes were made in the xmlhotels_sessions table. All XML feed passwords are now encrypted. The JPGraph library was added to the distribution system along with a multicom XML feed.

                    •  17 Aug 2010 21:51

                      Release Notes: This release adds the Added Markup to Multicom XML feed and the Hotels4You/MedHotels XML feed (Beta).


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