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bfr maintains a buffer of data collected from stdin, emitting the data to stdout. It will both read and write at the speed each stream can handle, and allows you to set thresholds of when to start outputting and inputting again (after reaching a full buffer), the size of the buffer, as well as monitor content/throughput with an optional progress-bar. It also includes bfp, a variant especially written to play audio data using /dev/dsp.


Recent releases

  •  06 Mar 2004 21:13

    Release Notes: A "total" field was added to the progress bar. Various bugs were fixed.

    •  08 Feb 2002 22:13

      Release Notes: Fixes for various bugs and ugliness, reader-side forkoff support (for buggy nonblocking implementations that still hang if reading from NFS or a scratched CD), and a new --output option.

      •  14 Nov 2001 07:27

        Release Notes: Progress bar screen-update fixes and minor debianization cleanups were added.

        •  27 Oct 2001 06:52

          Release Notes: A bug in the progress bar was fixed, and some lintian and automake warnings were removed.

          •  11 Oct 2001 06:36

            Release Notes: An --initial (special case of --minimum, for initial prebuffering) was incorporated. A bug causing bfr/bfp to sometimes hang in a CPUloop, instead of exiting at end of execution was fixed. The status bar was completely reworked, as well as most of the command-line arguments, to allow consistent use of suffixes.

            Recent comments

            13 Feb 2004 15:32 cduffy

            Makes a *huge* difference in performance...
            ...of my installation scripts (reading tarballs off NFS, decompressing them and extracting the contents onto the hard drive -- added a buffer between all three steps, using pv to view where in the process each component is at). Dropped total runtime by more than 2x -- *much* more. Very good stuff.

            (One thing I noticed -- the online usage text is more up-to-date than the man page, which missed some of the new features).


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