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Bubbling Load Monitor Applet

The Bubbling Load Monitor (or "Bubblemon" for short) is a system load monitor for the GNOME panel. It looks like a vial containing water. The water level indicates how much (electronic) memory is in use. The color of the liquid indicates how much swap space is used. The amount of bubbles reflects the system CPU load. A message in a bottle indicates there is unread mail. A reed-like graph shows I/O load. On multi-core systems the CPU with the highest load will bubble in the middle, and the others on the sides, so it's possible to see how well load gets distributed between CPUs.

Operating Systems

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  •  14 May 2011 18:33

    Release Notes: The Portuguese translation was updated. The applet's own CPU usage was lowered.

    •  03 Jun 2009 20:54

    Release Notes: Weeds now reflect iowait rather than network load. A Dutch translation was added. The French translation was updated. Build errors on GNOME >= 2.26 were fixed. The source code was moved from CVS to BZR.

    •  04 Jan 2009 16:44

    Release Notes: Applet sizing was fixed so that the applet doesn't become too narrow on the default GNOME panels. Water now has a minimum level so that load is visible even on systems with very low memory usage. The tool tip was improved. Man pages were fixed so that they can be parsed by lexgrog.

    Release Notes: The Brazilian Portuguese translation was updated.

    •  05 Jan 2008 12:14

    Release Notes: Network interface detection was changed to use ioctl() rather than guessing what interfaces are available. Some phrasing changes were made to better match other GNOME applets.

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    07 Sep 2011 15:18 altgrendel Thumbs up

    Are you going to update this for Gnome 3?

    17 Feb 2004 07:00 walles Thumbs up

    If anybody is interested in making their own bubbling monitors for whatever reason / whatever platform, I've librarified the physics and rendering engine and turned it into a library: (

    Have fun! //Johan

    06 Sep 2001 01:28 at0m Thumbs up

    This is one of the coolest applets ever :) Keep up the good work!

    20 Jun 2001 03:39 walles Thumbs up

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    If you like my applet, you may (or may not) be
    interested in LavaPS
    (a lava lamp showing system load) or BubbleMon-dockapp,
    a derivative of my applet with some added features
    for Windowmaker.

    Have fun! //Johan

    26 Nov 2000 09:10 sbashton

    I love this application. I switched to HelixGnome from KDE a few days ago and this little applet alone makes me glad I did. Great concept, well executed. One of those programs that makes you think 'I wish I'd written that!'.


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