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Release Notes: This release fully supports Python 3 (Python2 is still supported and the default), which additionally requires ConfigObj of at least version 5.0.0. Bash 4.3 introduced the new features direxpand, gloabasciiranges, and show-mode-in-prompt, which have been added. Minor UI improvmenents have been made, along with a "report bugs"-button in the about dialog. The German translation was updated and completed. Some minor bugs have been squashed.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in the build system which prevented building rpm packages, as well as bugs which made the prompt style "clock advanced" not display properly when switching users or using the monochrome version. A new option for colorshell allows returning to the default color after the prompt. The "reload" command works again (broken in 8.2). This release introduces "--no-postinstall" and "--no-installdocs" configure flags for package maintainers.

Release Notes: This release fixes detection of the Python version if it contains a '+'. It has an improved Debian packaging script, and adds support for vendor configuration (which is applied for each (new) user on the first start of bash). It improves the way BashStyle-NG is loaded when bash starts.

  •  13 May 2013 02:08

Release Notes: The window is no longer forced to be centered. Adds the ability to specify which Python interpreter to use. Makes sure PATH is set early so that bs-ng-wizard is callable, and ensures check_opts. Removes the show_weather function and apm version of show_battery_load. Updates configure to v4.2.1, which brings more parameters, more flexibility and stability, and improved code.

Release Notes: This release features a GTK+3-based, improved UI, heavily improved UI code, and has moved from GConf to configobj for storing configuration. New features include an -n parameter for 'randomfile', a directory 'jump' feature, and bsng-help. This release closes bugs #128 - #137. It removes bs-ng-profiler and rcgenerator (no longer required). The GIT repo has been moved to GitHub.

Release Notes: This release uses GTK+3 and replaces GConf with ConfigOBJ. The custom prompt builder no longer shows themes no longer shipped. A bug in configure that prevented packages from properly building has been fixed. Since some display managers don't source profiles, this release checks to see if its profile has been sourced. ConfigOBJ rcgenerator and bs-ng-profiler aren't required anymore, and have been removed. The documentation and profile have been improved.


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Caché Monitor

A dev utility for the InterSystems database Caché.


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A high availability clustering package for Linux and Unix.